Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birth Month Flowers - Gifts

All over the World people give Birth Month Flowers as gifts to celebrate special occasions or events. Flowers are always given to celebrate the birth of a new baby and wedding flowers play a huge part in Wedding celebrations. Unique New Mother & Baby Gift! Many people also like to give flowers to celebrate special events at different times and months of the year, especially during holiday periods. Knowing the flowers which are associated with each month and their meaning adds to the significance of the flowers.
  • Month of January Flowers, the Carnation or Snowdrop, to celebrate New Year's Day, Epiphany (12 days after Christmas), Martin Luther King's birthday on the third Monday in January and even Golf Day on January 17
  • Month of February Flowers, the Violet or Primrose, to celebrate St Valentine's Day
  • Month of March, the Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus), to celebrate St David's Day on March 1, St Patrick's Day on March 17 and Mothering Sunday, or Mother's Day ( the 4th Sunday of Lent)
  • Month of April Flowers, the Sweet pea or Daisy, to celebrate Easter, Good Friday, Palm Sunday and Passover
  • Month of May, the Lily of the Valley, to celebrate May Day on May 1 and Cinco de Maya on May 5
  • Month of June Flowers, the Rose, to commemorate D Day on June 6 and Father's Day on the third Sunday in June
  • Month of July, the Larkspur or Water Lily, to celebrate Canada Day on July 1 and Independence Day on July 4
  • Month of August Flowers, the Gladiolus or Poppy, to celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August , Sisters Day on Aug 5and Senior Citizen's Day on August 8
  • Month of September, the Aster or Morning Glory, to commemorate Patriot Day on 9/11 and celebrate Teacher's Day on September 4 and Grandparent's Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day on Sept 1
  • Month of October Flowers, the Calendula (Marigold), to celebrate Halloween on October 31 and Colobus Day on October 13
  • Month of November, the Chrysanthemum, to celebrate All Saint's Day on November 1 and Thanksgiving Day
  • Month of December Flowers, the Narcissus or Holly, to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Eve

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