Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 more dayss :))

Have you decided your Valentine Gift or what????or else Stuck???
I can help u Guys :D 
If you are talented,if you can write a small sei cute sei poem,u can make her happyy  :)
(kahi sei copy math karo,thats soo cheap :P)
Get some Red  Rosess..surprise her...or other wise take her for a candle light Dinner :) after that a long drive,not bad na.Im sure This will get her Smile :))

And gals if u wanna plz ur guys then get some general gifts. The best Valentine Gift Ideas for men can range from accessories,clothes, books to ipods. Most of the men love to possess a great collection of deodorants, shaving lotions, cologne, body sprays, goggles, bracelets, chains and wristwatches. You may present anything of these stuffs. 

For the busy executives who are always on the run, leather bags, laptop holders, organizers, timepieces or may be a gift certificate of a spa will make them remember you even when he is away on work. 

Nowadays, most men are gadget freaks. They are stuck to computers and laptops at their office, talking on their latest cell phones or listening to their ipods.These are some of the gifts that your guy will love to unpack.

Now what??? HURYYY

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