About Me

As a person, I love myself.

I am passionate about a lot of things in life. I love nature.I love adventure.I love meeting new people, going to places, and just living in the moment & at times i prefer to be left alone.I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist,i do what my heart tells me to,thou i think alot about things,before i get to any conclusion.Im trying to be more practical & realistic in life,thou i do love to dream.I am proud of certain things that I have accomplished and ashamed of a whole lot of mistakes that I have committed.

I "was " a fanatic about my independence and individuality and I hate interference from anyone unless I ask for it,yet life tought many chapters & i've learned that real challenge is to adjust rater than being adamant.Happy that Im changing for the person i love the most.I've learned to be patient.I can now find my own faults & try nd make sure i dont do the same again.I am a fan of people who can stand up for themselves in the face of problems life throws at them.Whatever the relation be,3 essentials are "Trust" "Love" & "Respect"

I experiment with things a lot. I am passionate about dancing in any form,even dappankuthu. I love to get drenched in the rain but only when I am not going anywhere.I do play with colors,feels happy when my hard work is beautifully framed and even more happy when my folks give good comments after seeing them hanging on every corner of my home.

Im a foody & i love to try different cuisines.now a days i spend time in googling recipes or watching videos too.I wish and try to get that magic in my dishes,so that whomever i serve,get to hear there tastes buds Say "its jus delicioussssssss" ;)

I am a core romantic at heart,true influence of My Zodiac.Any guesses?? :D Obviouslyy "Aries",reellyyy 24hr changed my life.i believe that i posses al The Aries highlights.still i go too emotional at times :(

I am considered stubborn and arrogant by people who think I have a huge attitude.I do not pass judgment on anyone unless the situation warrants it. I prefer to get to know the person first.I do have lots of Friends,but some people have influenced me more,they helped me grow as a matured being.Now i am able to identify between the good and the bad.i truly wish that i always be surrounded with good spirits.

I hate hypocrites and cheats and liars and spineless people. I love talking about myself. I hate dispensing advice to people. I am good at consoling people when they are mood off or crying.I know to make people happy,i try to convince my maximum if the reason is me.I don't know what make people say that i argue,when im just clearing my things in my way.I go low when my loved ones mistake me.I never use the word "Sorry" to please anyone,unless i can put an end to big miss understandings.I value some relationships in life above anything else and I will not let anything happen to them or let go of them at any cost.

I can chill out with any sort of people as long as they let me be me. I hate change unless I want to change. Forcing me to do something that I do not want to do is enough to make an enemy out of me.

I am very blunt and practical when it comes to talks, confrontations or discussions. I do not mince words.I don't mix up relationships.I am short-tempered but not violent.I hate people telling me how to lead my life and what I have to do to be a better person.
I am lazy. I love collecting memorabilia.I am very possessive about stuff that I own and certain people in my life.

I am happy and content the way I am - Thank you very much! :)